I have been involved with a number of web design projects. Every site I have designed has been fully accessible and meet all major accessibility and syntax guidelines. I have experience of implementing a number of content management systems including Drupal, Wordpress and Plone.

Online Grids Online Grids
I developed this site as a private contract for SensorySoftware. The site was implemented in Plone and is designed to allow simple and easy sharing of resources. It has succesfully been used and run since 2004.

This CV site
This website This is designed using a CSS template and provides a clear, simple, fast design.

OATS site
I am one of the partners in the OATS consortium and have contributed to the majority of the design of this complex and large site. This site was implemented in PLONE a flexible, accessible and open source content management system. Developing this site included writing Zope Page Templates and python code to customise the tools to our needs. OATS website

The Assistech Wiki
A wiki for the AT community, implemented using an open source wiki system.

ACT website Redesigned and implemented in Plone. As well as developing the site I also trained staff on adding and editing content and set up the organisational processes required.

I commissioned, customised and developed the original MERU website - the current site has been changed since my departure.