I have made a significant impact on the electronic assistive technology field, having been intensively involved in this community since the beginning of my career. I am able to blend my experience and knowledge of assistive technology, mainstream technology and working with people with disabilities to contribute to both my clinical practice and research. I see my strengths as understanding and mediating the often contrasting requirements of people and technology.

My current role is leading and developing the Barnsley Assistive Technology team. This team offers a specialised service across three districts, working with local professionals to provide assistive technology to clients with severe disabilities. In addition I am an honorary researcher with Sheffield University and lead and collaborate on a number of research projects. My research interests are across a number of different areas of electronic assistive technology, particularly in open source software and human computer interaction.

I have skills and experience in a unique combination of areas: electronic assistive technology; electronic engineering; usability and accessibility; people skills and people management; user requirement specification; advanced computer skills across a broad spectrum of software including programming, web design and advanced office applications.

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