I have over 10 years of clinical experience, working with people with a wide range of needs and requirements. I have strong inter-personal skills and enjoy meeting clients and understanding their needs.


I have a growing portfolio of research project management and involvement and publications. I have developed skills in a range of different research methods, including qualitative and quantitative investigation and analysis.


I am a highly competent computer user with excellent abilities in a wide range of contexts - e.g. Programming, Networking, Hardware, HCI, EAT. I am experienced in a diverse range of practical computing skills having built computers, implemented networks and servers from scratch and implemented and commissioned accessible websites. My software knowledge includes:

Office: All Office suite programs - Expert
Picture Publisher, QuickBooks, Freehand - Highly competent
Programming & Electronics: Assembly - Expert
Python, C, ZOPE/PLONE, HTML, CSS, PCB design software - Highly competent
VC++, VB++, PalmOS, SQL - Working Knowledge
Networking and OS: Win2k server, Exchange2000 - Highly Competent
Unix (webserver), Linux, IIS, MAC OSX - Working Knowledge


I have designed equipment from concept to build and final product. My electronics skills include:

Microprocessors: Assembly language - PIC microprocessors
Emulation (in-circuit - ICE2000 for PICs)
Debugging with high end oscilloscopes and logic analysers
Implementation including in-circuit serial programming and debugging
PCB design and manufacture: Including small scale surface-mount components

Personal Communication and Skills

I have excellent inter-personal skills within assessments, business meetings and networking. I am focused, effective, efficient, methodical, thorough, innovative, creative and enthusiastic.