Barnsley Assistive Technology Team (2007 onwards)

The Barnsley AT team offers a specialist service across three districts of Yorkshire – working with local professionals to provide relevant assistive technology. The team consists of Clinical Scientists and Clinical Technologists and works with local teams to offer: assessments for and provision of electronic assistive technology; provision of specialist and custom made assistive technology; help, support, advice and training. The team is well recognised within the UK as one of the most reputable, innovative and forward thinking teams. As the Senior Clinical Scientist within the team, I lead the team and am responsible for developing the team into an example of best practice. I have a clinical role within the team, assessing clients for provision of electronic assistive technology. I am also an honorary researcher at Sheffield University and manage and carry out research in conjunction with the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Group in the School of Health and Related Research - one of the fastest growing and possibly largest research groups of its kind.

ACT (2004 – 2007)

ACT is a regional specialist electronic assistive technology service providing a range of equipment throughout the West Midlands. The department consists of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Clinical Scientists supported by Medical Technical Officers and Administrators. As a state registered Clinical Scientist within this team my role included: carrying out assessments of patients for provision of electronic assistive technology; considering the holistic rehabilitation needs of a diverse and complex case load; taking a leading role in the development of technology within the service; involvement in a number of research and development projects.

MERU (1999-2004)

MERU is a not-for-profit organisation making custom made equipment for individual children with disabilities. I worked within the Interface Centre service that I jointly set up in 1999. This specialised service creates bespoke electronic assistive technology controls and is a specialised service that is unique in the UK. As the only Clinical Scientist within this team my roles were diverse and included: production of bespoke computer interface equipment; assessment of children with disabilities for custom-made equipment; service creation, management & administration; computer,network,web page administration.