Sorry these aren't very pretty (anyone who can work out how to easily and prettily sync a folder of bookmarks from firefox and export to html wins a prize!). These bookmarks are mostly related to assistive technology and associated fields, i'm putting them here as a resource for people who may be trying to investigate the field!




RESEARCH PAPERS at The University at Buffalo Communication & Assistive Devices Laboratory


scope education
WWS 2000 Help Sheets
GuidePictureSymbolSets.pdf (application/pdf Object)
TALKING POINT for Professionals
Augmentative Communication, Inc. - Social Networks
Untitled Document
Sclera picto's
Semantic Alphabet Key
The Grid 2 - BluWiki
AAC Demographic Information
Widgit Software - Effective symbol use
Sample Sequenced Social Scripts
2002 Conference Proceedings
Patient Care - Division of Speech Pathology & Audiology ::
Home - AACFundingHelp
This website posts information about programs that cover and provide funding for augmentative communication (AAC) devices, also known as “speech generating devices” (SGDs).
Aphasia & AAC References
Special Education Technology - British Columbia - Assistive Technology for K-12 Students
SET-BC is a Provincial Resource Program designed to assist school districts in British Columbia in meeting the assistive technology needs of students with physical disabilities and visual impairments
VIP Software Guides
Matching Person & Technology Homepage
Consultation, training, and assessment tomatch people with the most appropriate technologies for their use
Index of /downloads/aac
keeping pace with assistive technology
UCSF ALS Center - Resources
Picture Schedules and Communication Boards
Premade and custom picture schedules and communication boards for children and adults with autism, aphasia, Alzheimers, Fragile X syndrome, and other neurological conditions.
Test for Reception of Grammar (TROG-2) from Pearson Assessment
ISAAC - International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication in the UK — TechDis
howto_Communication.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Talking Point
Personal Communication Passports - Home
Personal Communication Passports.
introbook.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, Pennsylvania's UCEDD - University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, Pennsylvania's UCEDD - University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
AAC & Literacy: Research Results
Available Courses: AAC Institute Self-Study
Untitled Document
Welcome to Exploring AAC
UW Augcomm: Vocabulary - Emerging Communicators


287120 - HOW TO Automate Excel Text to Speech in Another Off
Becta Schools sector Teaching staff Inclusion and SEN ICT enabling access to the curriculum Access technology
CMU Sphinx Open Source Speech Recognition
CoolSpeech 5.0 The Text-to-Speech Synthesis Application for Windows
Duke Speaks Free Speech Synthesis
FreeTTS 1.2beta2 - A speech synthesizer written entirely in the Java(TM) programming language
Hephaestus CMU Speech Software Collection
Matrubhasha Products
Natural Voice text to speech reader- voice has never been so clear
pVoice Software - enabling the disabled
ReadPlease . ReadingBar .


Sound recording tools Total Recorder - captures any audio from the Internet, records audio from CD, microphone, line-in, conve

ScanSoft - RealSpeak
Sensory Software International
Speech at CMU - Carnegie Mellon
Speech Recognition with Severe Dysarthria - Sheffield
Speech Research Lab - Delaware
Speech Software Support
The Festival Speech Synthesis System
The Science of Word Recognition
Type2Talk, downloadable text-to-speech software, document re - Text To Speech software for people who have lost their voice
Embedded TTS on Windows CE 5.0 & Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices Released Home Page of Assistive Technology News -®
Embedded TTS on Windows CE 5.0 & Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices Released - Axistive Assistive Technology News Portal article. We offer you free assistive technology news, articles, product reviews, all product, vendor information and other of assistive technology devices. Find objective assistive technology information on how to use and find devices that make the use of, and access to the digital world easier, its a simular website as abledata, abilitynet but also offers information on organizations and products of Enablemart, Freedom Scientific, Intellitools, Kurzweil Educational Systems, etc.
Fonix - Freedom of Speech
Fonix award-winning speech solutions include DECtalk, VoiceDial for Pocket PC and SmartPhones, and embedded Text-To-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).
WISPR: Welsh and Irish Speech Processing Resources
Cepstral Text-to-Speech
Voice Forge
6 Online Tools for Text to Speech you would not want to miss
Once in a while, all of us face a need to get some text synthesized into speech. Maybe we want to know how someone would pronounce a complicated word, or sometimes we just want an entire passage to be read out to us.
Free Online text to speech (TTS) converter SpokenText
CereProc Text to Speech - Homepage
Pro-Idee United Kingdom - RoadRunner Communicator
Hands-free communication with (almost) no ambient noise. Wireless headset with larynx microphone.
The Orpheus Text to Speech Synthesiser
Meridian One Speech provides Orpheus TTS, THE TTS for intelligible speech at fast talking rates, a must for anyone needing fast speech access to text

Symbol based Websites

Meldreth Manor School Index Page
Severe Learning Difficulties at Moorcroft School
Welcome to Symbol World
Widgit Software - Widgit Centres
Makaton Vocabulary Development Project (MVDP) home page
Makaton is a unique language programme offering a structured, multi-modal approach, using signs and symbols, for the teaching of communication, language and literacy skills for people with communication and learning difficulties.

AAC-RERC Homepage


Insurers Shun Multitasking Speech Devices -
Devices like iPhones and netbook PCs that can help the speech-impaired are not covered by Medicare or insurers.

Vocab Packages

TechCess Ltd
Smartbox - Grid sets
Welcome Gateway to Language and Learning
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, Pennsylvania's UCEDD - University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, Pennsylvania's UCEDD - University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

YouTube - Funding Communication Aids (AAC)
People who need alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) aids to speak express their views on the problems obtaining funding for this vital equipment
Government asked to act on communication aids muddle - 16/05/2000 - - the website for social work and social care professionals
A local government ombudsman has urged the government to clear up the confusion about who is responsible for providing communication aids for disabled young people.
Department for Children, Schools and Families : Bercow Review
What works for me - Times Online
BETH MOULAM A 13-year-old with cerebral palsy who communicates by typing on a Lightwriter, an electronic communication aid that “speaks” what she wants to say “I don’t like it when
Als Communication
Talking Point
Institute on Disabilities


The Leeds Young Adult Team - Topic of the Month
AAC and Communication Policies
An example of an AAC policy document from Northamptonshire County Council, plus links to some sample school communication policy documents.
Augmentative Communication Service - Family factsheets - GOSH and ICH - Information sheets - Children & families - GOSH and ICH
Great Ormond Street Hospital and UCL Institute of Child Health

CJT Enterprises


Apple Sound Ltd. Personal Voice Amplifiers
Freedom Scientific Assistive Technology for people with visi
Enkidu Research Palmtop Portable IMPACT
Liberator - For all your Special Needs.
Prentke Romich Company Home Page
Toby Churchill - Welcome
Login - SignHealth
Smartbox - Home page
Safe Laser Pointers - assistive technology
Manufacturer and distributor of augmentative communication systems, computer access and other assistive technology for individuals who are disabled.
IconSpeak Pocket PC software augmentative communications aid for people with impaired speech DECtalk Text-to-Speech
Bostock Software Development and Consultancy Ltd
Overboard - Communication Board Designer by Gus Communications, Inc. 866-487-1006 (vs Boardmaker)
Manufacturer of Augmentative Communication products including the Gus Communication Symbols, Overboard, Multimedia Speech System.
COGAIN - Gazetalk
Information about Gazetalk 5 eye communication system
Pathfinder from Prentke Romich
MegaBee™ | The simple to use electronic hand-held writing tablet
MegaBee™ is a simple-to-use writing tablet to aid frequent communication with Stroke patients, Motor-loss sufferers, MS patients, Motor-neurone disease patients and patients who have no, or impaired, ability to speak and cannot write legibly
Mobile Talker Pocket PC software augmentative communications aid for people with impaired speech
Bostock Software Development and Consultancy Ltd
ThinkGeek :: X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker
X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker - Shockingly Huge Sound out of this Tiny Speaker
Proloquo2Go: Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for iPhone and iPod touch
Communication on the Go for iPhone and iPod touch
Manufacturer of electronic and optical instruments for people with disabilities and for use in laboratory, industrial and medical settings. The company has been in business since 1990 and serves customers throughout the world.
Speaks4me™ is an electronic communications and voice output application for people with autism and learning difficulties
Speaks4me™ uses the latest graphic images from the Picture Exchange Communication System or PECS™ with supported speech audio to allow people with autism and learning difficulties to effectively
Augmentative Communication Device | TapToTalk
TapToTalk gives a non-verbal child with autism or any speech delay the ability to communicate with the tap of a picture. Portable and affordable.
Intel Sells Its Own Reader for the Health Care Market - Bits Blog -
Digging deeper into the health care market, Intel has started selling its own Intel Reader device aimed at people who struggle to read printed material.


Adapt-IT Computer Aids and Assistive Technology for the disa
Assistive and Adaptive Technology -- Aroga Group
Assistive Technologies Ltd. UK


Welcome To The T&T Consultancy Limited Web Site
Work-based Assessments through Access to Work, Access Technology, Training, Braille Maker, Braille Translation software and Ind

G & S Smithwaite - Furniture and Equipment for those with Sp
Granada Learning Catalog Sections
Inclusive Technology - Home Page
Keytools Ltd.
QED Home Page
R-E-M the educational software specialist
Special Education Software, Hardware and Assistive Technolog
Tash Inc.
Untitled Document
Widget UK Ltd. - The Experts In Mobile Computing
'Men in sheds' break out bubbly for new SEN body
The British Assistive Technology Association breaks out the bubbly to toast its success


'Smart Home'

IR Remote-Controlled Deadbolt
Smart Homes Introducing smart homes
SMART Thinking Home Acceptable, Appropriate, Assistive Technology Solutions

assistive technology nohandcom

EC Controllers & Equipment

Connevans equipment for deaf people

Non Standard

One For All
Automated Home

Candidates for EC

B&Q Online
Home Automation DigiEye IrDA wireless extender
Home Automation VoiceMe voice activated remote control
Voice Zapper - Hands Free Voice Activated Remote Control - Disability Products and Services - Large Button Illuminated Universal Remote
A one stop shop for information, reviews, and online shopping for products designed to enhance and assist people with disabilities. Large Button Illuminated Universal Remote
Maven xdoc Plugin - Java Home Automation

Imperium 200H environmental control unit (ECU), assistive technology for spinal cord injuries and motor skill disabilities
Let's Automate Ltd - Let's Automate Ltd - the UK's largest supplier of Home Automation products, and remote controls

Palm Based
Ir-RF Extenders
Pacific Neo-Tek - OmniRemote
PHILIPS Pronto - Royal Philips Electronics
TechTV Use Your Palm as a Remote Control

Videx Security Ltd - Access and Entry Control Systems
Welcome to Remote Central Universal Remote Control Reviews & More!


Comfort Home Controls (UK) Shopping Cart
CyberSelect - UK
Home Automated Living Products
Home Automation IR-RF Controller
Home Automation
Laser Business Systems
Simply Automate - UK specialists for Home Automation, X10, CCTV and Integrated Security Alarms
X10 Accessories
X10 explanation
X10 Products! Cameras, Home Entertainment, Home Automation &

Assistive Technologies
Accessible Cell Phones for the Blind, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Elderly and Physically and Cognitively Disabled
We sell accessible cell phones for people with disabilities the blind, low vision deaf and hard of hearing physically and cognitively disabled and the elderly
SAJE TECHNOLOGY- Voice activated telephones and environmental control for people with special needs and disabilities
iPod Interface
QED - Quality Enabling Devices Ltd
Currently selling Tash, Adaptivation, Sensory Company, various, QED, Unique Perspectives
VITO Remote - Pocket PC infrared universal remote control TV, VCR, DVD
Infrared universal remote control software for Pocket PC. Supports skins, hardware buttons, landscape mode,CCF files support, macros. Remote control codes available.
Locca Sure-Touch system - product design, development, production
Locca Sure-Touch system - product design, development, production
Vocalize! Cell Phone Complete Voice Control System
Always available voice controlled calling & digital entertainment without pressing any buttons or even having to see the phone! Easily and inconspicuously mounts on wheelchair and communicates with cell phone wirelessly using Bluetooth protocol just like a Bluetooth headset.
ACCT - Tower-Power.
Adaptive Computer Control Technologies., ACCT Website, Tower-Power, , .
Minomech Products- Power Jack
RFID Equipment - RFID Tags, Readers, Antennas, Software from
Search RFID technology, solutions and equipment from TI, Tyco, SmartID, MaxID, Samsys, and Poynting. RFID equipment includes RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID antennas, and RFID software.
VoiceIR Infrared Environmental Voice Control System
Voice Control Your World! Independence, Security, Entertainment, & Communications using only your voice for Complete Environmental Control! Provides superior voice control, do-it-yourself simplicity & ease-of-use, with greater reliability over alternative $10,000 Environmental Control Units (ECU) for 3.5% of the cost.

Possum Group
Produkter Gewa AB
SRS Technology
Tunstall Group Ltd - Welcome to Tunstall
Welcome to RSLSteeper - Providing high quality, patient focused, orthotic and prosthetics services at an economic cost.
KFV Karl Fliether Velbert : Fun enabling technology and ideas
assistive technology nohandcom
SiCare Solutions
Incode Ltd. » Incode Brigston » Brigston Products » Brigston weNser
Incode Brigston weNser mobile phone software
PROGsend-IR-Dragon.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Send and receive Infrared Remote Control signals from your PC. Use your PC to control your Consumer Electronics equipment. Use you Infrared Remote Controls with your PC.

ICES - Environmental Control Systems


AID-CALL Professional Care Introduction
BT home monitoring system
BT In Touch phones
Electronic Technology Policy Collaborative
Tunstall - Telecare


Assistive Robotic Manipulator (ARM) aka Manus mobile rehabilation robot
Manus ARM: Wheelchair attachable robotic manipulator for severely handicapped people, for handling all kinds of ADL and other tasks, in order to be as independent as possible.

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
This page has information on Environmental Control Systems
NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency
Rehabilitation Engineering: Environmental Controls Local Co-ordinators


Accessibility (non web) resources

Accessibilty options in Windows 95
Cantor Access Inc. - Macros FAQ 1.1
Keyboard Access FAQ 1.1
Microsoft- Step by Step Tutorials
Windows without a mouse guide
Introduction to "PC Set Up!"
Accessibility Standards for Operating Systems
IBM SJ 44-3 | Accessibility requirements for systems design to accommodate users with vision impairments - References
IBM Systems Journal issue 44-3, Accessibility - Feature paper
Robert Sinclair Director, Accessible Technology Group
Corporate Biography: Rob Sinclair Director, Accessible Technology Group.
Windows Marketplace: Windows Vista Assistive Technology
Microsoft, Windows, Marketplace, Microsoft Windows, Windows Marketplace
Apple - Mac OS X - Universal Access
Mac OS X Tiger delivers elegant, innovative solutions for those with vision, hearing and motor skills disabilities. Built right into Tiger, Universal Access works with many applications.
BBC - My Web My Way - Homepage
Accessibility | - Portable software for USB drives
CAE publications and good practice design guidance
IBM developerWorks : Blogs : Accessibility Strategy and Architecture
Get involved in the developerWorks community by participating in developerWorks Blogs.
User Vision — Usability and accessibility consultancy & training UK
website usability and accessibility services and training provided by User Vision.
Connecting people to information and services is the core of Sun's business proposition and this includes people with disabilities.
Readability - Default Store View
Readability . This guide explains how organisations can produce clearly written and easily readable materials.
ATMac - Assistive Technology for Mac OS X, iPod, iPhone and Apple Users
ATMac covers news, views, and reviews for Mac OS X, iPod, iPhone and Apple product users with an interest in disability, assistive and adaptive technology, and making accessible programs and content.

Far Sighted

Multi-Touch Interaction Research
Jeff Han on TED Talks
Jeff Han on TED Talks
Multi-touch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



About EagleEyes - Boston College
Mind Switch
Neural interface technology - BioControl Systems creates next generation human-computer interaction
Neurofeedback Training Station
Cambridge Consultants - New low-cost device opens communication for the severely paralyzed
BBC NEWS | Technology | Brain control headset for gamers
Games will soon be able to interact with the virtual world using their thoughts and emotions alone.
How NeuroSwitch Works
OCZ Technology | Products | OCZ Peripherals | nia - Neural Impulse Actuator
OCZ Technology is committed to bringing to market the highest quality, highest performing computer products possible. OCZ Technology is one of the primary providers of premium computer products to discriminating PC enthusiasts.
Direct Brain Interface Project - University of Michigan


Quadriplegic Hand Research

Headpointers supplied in the UK$FILE-
I-Match - User Interface


Adjustable-Split Keyboards - Alternative Keyboard FAQ - TIFAQ
Man & Machine - PS2 Palm Keyboard
PC World ...with you every step of the way
VKB - Home Page
Optimus keyboard
Lomak allows you to use state-of-the-art light sensor technology to operate a computer
Welcome to Ergodex
Mobile NoteTaker is the world�s first portable handwriting capture device that does not require any special paper or the presence of a PC or PDA.
Optimus mini three keyboard
Feather-Touch Input Device
Relays, Switches and Indicators | Switches | Keypads & Keyboards
This page shows: Keypads & Keyboards, General Purpose, Key Pads, Sealed - Switches, Key Pads, User Configurable - Switches, Keypads, Membrane Keypads, Low Profile - Keyboard Switches, Vandal Resistant/Public Environment Switches,


154500 - Alternative Mouse Pointers for Windows 95-98-Me and - Online Store
AAC Keys Home offers small pc, mini pc and small computers -
Smart-Nav Hands Free Mouse
Welcome to Montrose Secam Ltd
SmartNAV Support : Downloads
GyroTrack - Virtual Reality Head Tracker
GyroTrack Head Mounted Tracker
Cymouse - Virtual Reality Head Tracker
Cymouse Head Tracker
Bili Inc - Foot Mouse (Slipper Mouse)with Programmable Pedal
Gyration > ProductDetail/office/goProMouse
motion sensing controllers for the digital media markets
The Number Crunching Mouse - the sanwa NT-MA2 |


7 TFT LCD touch screen monitor VGA Lilliput
eMagin Corporation SVGA+ OLED Microdisplays
Lilliput UK suppliers of Lilliput in car monitors
Trident Displays Ltd. (LCD, EL & plasma display specialists)
ViewSonic Products Desktop Displays Wireless Monitors for Business

One Switch - Switch Adapted X-arcade solo - for PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and more.
PDG Team Xtreme - Adaptive game controller for Nintendo
The TiM WebSite


Bristol Wearable Computing III
MicroOptical Products - mobile computing, mobile computer, wearable computer, wearable computing, wearable display
Microvision, Inc.
SOFTswitch Electronic Fabrics - Applications
The AcceleGlove A Whole-Hand Input Device for Virtual
University of Oregon - Wearable Computing Laboratory
Wearable Computing at the MIT Media Lab
Wearables Central
Xplore iX104C2D™ from Rugged Systems
PC Cases, PC Case, Protective PC Cases, Tablet PC Case, Tablet PC Cases
PC cases at Otterbox. Choose from a wide selection of quality PC cases, Protective PC cases, tablet PC cases and tablet PC cases.
stealth computer - little pc pentium 3 lpc-301 price list
GRAViTONUS - Third arm for invalids
Mambo - the dynamic portal engine and content management system
Technology Review: Motion-Sensing Tablet PCs
From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Technology Review: E-Paper Displays Video
From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society
LINUTOP : SMALL COMPUTER - Small PC - Linux desktop - Digital signage
UltraMobileGeek by ThoughtFix: Asus Eee 701 vs. Nokia N810 - Linux Fight!
InkMedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Olympus Mobile Eye-Trek
Olympus has developed its mobile Eye-Trek device that comes with an integrated 3.2mm x 2.4mm LCD panel located in front of the right eye, which functions as a 3.8

Remploy Furniture
Remploy furniture is high quality, value for money furniture that is built to last.


Pandora Internet Radio - Find New Music, Listen to Free Web Radio
Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Create custom internet radio stations, listen free.

Video Based

Technology Review: Compound-Eye Camera Analyzes Scenes
From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society
Zane Van Dusen
Opengazer: open-source gaze tracker for ordinary webcams
Opengazer: open-source gaze tracker for ordinary webcams.
Wiimote Project - Index
Wiimote Project - Index
Now, seven simple hand gestures to switch your TV on | Science and Technology News | Earth Science Articles | Updates Technology news | Technology Article
openEyes - Eye tracking for the masses
Johnny Chung Lee - Projects - Wii Kiss Your Keyboard, Mouse & Joystick Goodbye! Play Games With Your WebCam!


Optelec Tieman Group - the world's largest supplier in electronic equipment for the blind and visually impaired
age,aid,assistive technology,blind,blindness,braille,braille embosser,braille keyboard,braille reading,Bright,cctv,ClearView,Combibraille,daily living aids,degeneration,desk magnifier,desktop magnifier,diabetis,diseases,disorders,dry macular degeneration,electronic,electronic magnifier,electronic vision magnifier,equipment,eye,glaucoma,Hall,Handicap,Handiview,legally blind,lighted magnifiers,loss of vision,low vision,Lunar,macalur,magnification,magnifier,magnify,magnifying glass,Optelec,page,partially sighted,plus box,pocket,portable,Powerbraille,product,reading,reading magnifier,refreshable,rehabilitation,retina,retintis pigmentosa,screen magnification,screenreader,seeing,Spectrum,Star,sudden vision loss,Supernova ,Tieman,traveller,treatment,Twinkle,video magnifier,vision,visual impairment,visually impaired,Voyager,wet macular degeneration


technoTalk_may07.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Matobmobile - Emporia Life Mobile Phone - Easy To Use Simple Basic Mobile Phones - Emporia Life
Emporia Life is a big button phone the emporia life mobile for the elderly. Emporia life phone is an easy to use basic mobile phone. Mobile phone for the elderly find out all about the emporia life mobile.

Mir:ror - The RFID reader that gives Powers to your Objects
Mir:ror is the first RFID reader that gives power to your Objects and makes them communicant and connected to the Internet
Intel® Reader - Intel® Reader Features
Products and Solutions for Healthcare

RSI etc

Keytools Ergonomics - Advice
Osmond - Posture Guidance
Osmond Group


Auto Complete

FlashPaste - is a utility for instant text insertion.
Products - QuicKeys for Windows - Features
Smart Type Assistant - typing automation, time-saving utility. Download Keyboard macros software
Speed Typing - word processing software from Two Pilots. Type frequently used text quick and easy!

Opera with Voice
Opera with Voice allows you to talk with your browser.


Kurzweil Educational Systems - Assistive Technology Software for learning disabilities
Flash 4 used creatively in schools and students, age 6 to 16

Keyboard Remapping

AutoHotkey - Remapping
Dev-Labs' (formerly D-System's) Home Page - Keyboard Remappe
Janko's Keyboard Generator For Windows 95, 98 and ME Home
Keyboard Layout Loader
KeyTweak Homepage
Scan Code Mapper for Windows
SzP-Software Software tailored for you
Windows 95 Kernel Toys Set [Windows 95, downloads, download, updates, update, kernel toys]
Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows
The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
This application designed for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Server 2003 allows the creation of new keyboard layouts from scratch, base a new layout on an existing one, modify an existing keyboard layout and build a new layout from it, package the resulting keyboard layouts for subsequent delivery and installation



Linux Accessibility HOWTO
This is the home page of KMouth.

The Skipper Homepage

On Screen Keyboards & Mice & Other AT soft

Assistive Technology - Simple Email Software for Young, Old,
Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard by Lake Software
Commodio - QPpointer
Crick Software Home Page
Mouse Wrap Utilites Ex-D Software Development™

Novel & Palm etc

Improved Quikwriting demo
Inference Group The Dasher Project Home
Mobile Keypboard ideas
Octave for Palm V
Quikwriting patent
Thumbscript™ Fast text input for keypad or pen based devices
alphaWorks : Shorthand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding : Overview

Point-N-Click Virtual Mouse By Polital Enterprises
Sensory Software International
Toggle Software - Quality Software for Windows!
Computer and Multi-media access solutions for people with disabilities. Providing the tools for people with disabilities to access and use computers, telecommunications, entertainment and the internet.
Download MyScript Stylus handwriting recognition software
Handwriting recognition software and input method for Windows Pocket PC Palm Smartphone Digital pen and paper Tablet PC available in multilingual edition


AlphaPad and Word Prediction are Programs for Palm, Palm OS and Windows CE PDAs for Soft Keyboard replacement and quick and eas
Pebbles for the Handicapped
Pebbles PDA Project
Palm Boulevard: Software: Misc Utilities: Speak
Palm Boulevard
Mapopolis - maps for handhelds
Mapopolis - Handheld Navigation Solutions, Navigation software with US, Canadian and European Coverage, Palm, Pocket PC, Smartphone
Closing The Gap Forums: Text-to-speech for Palm?


FASTY IST-2000-25420 Project - Start-Page
If Word Prediction Can Help, Which
My Typing Robot (Word Prediction Freeware)
Prophet - an introduction
Word PowerPoint and Excel Tutorials
Assistive and Adaptive Technology.
The Intelligent Word Prediction Project


Sphinx-4 - A speech recognizer written entirely in the Java(TM) programming language
Assistive Technology -Speak To Me Speech/Voice Recognition
Code Factory - Mobile Speak
Adaptive Technology Tutorials: Dragon Naturally Speaking Initial Training
The Vocal Joystick Homepage
VoiceSignal - Voice Recognition, Speech Recognition, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, and Voice Search Solutions for Mobile Phones
VoiceSignal - Voice Recognition, Speech Recognition, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, and Voice Search Solutions for Mobile Phones simon
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications
Voice Command Software | Smartphone and PDA | Windows Mobile 5.0
Tour Voice Command for Windows Mobile 5.0 and use your voice to look up contacts, make phone calls, get calendar information, start programs, and more.
simon listens: Home
Produkts- und Dienstleistungsportfolio von Cyber-Byte Internet Technologies
simon listens: Home
Produkts- und Dienstleistungsportfolio von Cyber-Byte Internet Technologies
Nuance to Acquire MobileVoiceControl | News | Speech Technology Magazine
Shoot 1.6.4
Game Commander: Speech recognition (voice command and control) for games.
ITSpeaking - Speech Recognition Specialists UK

Switch access
Joystick 2 Mouse
Untitled Document
Alternative Wheelchair Control - ATWiki

VI stuff (Screen reading, speech out)

Ai Squared Home
Assistive Technology Products & Services from Freedom Scientific for Blind and Vision Impaired Individuals
Dolphin Computer Access - Supernova Reader Magnifier
DynaWares' Software Solutions for the Handicapped or the Adv
Typing tutor... ALL touch typing tutors! Freeware, shareware, online. Links for download.
Digital Talking Book Players - Portable CD and Flash Player from HumanWare
Victor Reader Wave offers everything you are looking for in a digital talking book player at an affordable price. Victor Reader Wave is a sophisticated DAISY talking book, MP3, and music CD player.
Code Factory: Making mobile phones and PDAs accessible to the blind and visually impaired
Code Factory, S.L. is the leading developer of software solutions for the blind and the visually impaired.
Accessible mobile phones - a guide
Seeing with Sound - The vOICe
Synthetic vision for the blind by means of an auditory display.
RL & Associates - Assistive Software - Code Factory Mobile Speak
RL and Associates is a San Francisco Bay Area assistive technologies networking company with solutions for the blind and low vision with screen readers and computers.
Zoom It! 0.1 - <Glazblog/>
Comparison of screen readers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
iCommunicator 5.0
WinZoom USB
WinZoom Screen Magnifier Reader. WinZoom is a leading a Screen Magnifier and Reader.
System Access to Go
E-Access Bulletin - Home | news and research on technology for the blind and visually impaired
News and research on technology for the blind and visually impaired.
Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware
Welcome to the Dolphin Group
Issist Inc.

Video Based

Freelook - mouse controlled by video
Mousevision - video based cursor control
MouseVision Cam2Pan Overview
Nouse - Video Mouse
Perceptual Vision Technical Web Site of IIT-ITI NRC-CNRC
VisualMouse - Reviews and free downloads at
MAGIC KEY - the key that opens the doors of the world
Camera Mouse About
Headtracker - Olpcaustria
FlaPer87 » mouseTrap: An accessible Control of the mouse via Web Cam
HeadMouse 2
ITU Gaze Tracker
ITU Gaze Group. Eye tracking and gaze interaction.

Accessibility Extensions for Internet Explorer ®
ACE Centre software index
Ease of Use
IBM Accessibility Center
Mouseless Browsing
firefox mouseless browsing execute js devhelp
Komodo OpenLab | News
Dancing Dots Music and Accessibility Products and Services
Game Accessibility Forum
WWAAC official homepage
How to install and configure handwriting recognition in Windows XP
This article explains, step-by-step, how to install and configure handwriting recognition in Windows XP. You can use handwriting recognition to enter text by writing instead of by typing. To use this feature, the Microsoft handwriting-recognition...


Information, technology, programs, gadgets, training for people with dyslexia from online store from iansyst ltd is the UK's one stop shop for assistive technology and software for people with disabilities and dyslexia. Experts in Speech Recognition, Text to Speech (TTS), Concept Mapping and other software to help with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) reasonable adjustments.

Useful low cost programs - AbilityNet
Adapting technology changing lives. AbilityNet is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology


CellWriter -

Web Accessibility

2.4 Building in universal accessibility + checklist
The W3C MarkUp Validation Service
WDVL Usability - the Basics
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Home Page
EPSG - "Open Content for All" - December 2003
Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines
PAS 78 Guide to Good Practice in Commissioning Accessible Websites
Usability First: Usability in Website and Software Design
Usability resources: a glossary of usability-related terms, usability methods, best practices, humor, and more. A free service of Foraker Design
Accessible Mail - Accessible Mail : Webmail ... without prejudice
Accessible Mail is an accessible ( accessibility-compliant ) webmail client aimed at providing simple and easy access to email via standards-compliant (and most non-compliant) web browsers (graphical and non-graphical).
Bruce Lawson’s personal site
Bruce Lawson's blog, focussing on accessibility, web standards, travellers tales, and music Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design
Alertbox column, Web usability, usability engineering, and Jakob's minimalist approach to Web design; Jakob's biography. Conferences and training events.
Le «blog personnel» de Joe Clark
The Open & Closed Project
‘Building Accessible Websites’ serialization
The Impact of Search on Accessibility, part 2 | Web Site Accessibility Blog
Making Ecommunication Accessible. Guidelines/poster from SAIF.
List of Publications by SAIF, Scottish Accessible Information Forum
Access Firefox Firefox Accessibility Equals Internet Freedom
Firefox Accessibility tools and resources
When accessibility is not your problem (Joe Clark) ~ Any film in any language.
Mozilla Accessibility Project
Mozilla's Web Browser Accessibility Project Page
Technology Review: To the Web and Back Again
From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society
Accessibility « WordPress Codex
Accesskey standards | clagnut/blog
One of my goals for Clagnut is to make it accessible beyond good alt tags and valid code. Providing keyboard shortcuts through the accesskey attribute for important parts of the site, such as search, help and home, can help. It struck me that there should be consistency in…
Easily convert Greasemonkey scripts into Firefox extensions - Download Squad
WAVE - Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
Let’s pick on Metrolinx! ¶ Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto
ImprovingAccessibilityOfWikis - MoinMoin
Publications | Coast Digital
Looking for useful information on the world of online marketing? check our publications page for whitepapers on specific areas of online marketing.
PAS 78 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ZAC Browser - Zone for Autistic Children
WebAIM: Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility
Table of Shared Web Experiences: Barriers Common to Mobile Device Users and People with Disabilities
Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment
European Commission floats idea of web accessibility legislation | Pinsent Masons LLP
Official Google Blog: A new home for accessibility at Google
A List Apart: Articles: Real Web Type in Real Web Context
Accessible Information Solutions (AIS) - Accessibility Toolbar
Accessible Information Solutions - Web Accessibility Toolbar
Alternative Web Browsing
browsealoud ...speech enabling web sites
Dive Into Accessibility
Firefox Help Keyboard Shortcuts
Free on-line accessibility and usability tools
Global English
IBM Web Adaptation Technology IBM Web Adaptation Technology
LD web - designing web content for people with learning disabilities
Macromedia - Accessibility
Microsoft Active Accessibility
MSDN Accessibility
Office Web Publishing Accessibility Tool Download
Office Web Publishing Accessibility Tool
Semantic Web - Wikipedia
Sit Back and Relax - Home Page
SmackTheMouse Access key, HTML accesskey generated by JavaScript
Software and Web Accessibility Guidelines
Speegle Speak Perfect Web Search.

AbilityNet Business - Projects Server.
ACM SIGCHI Curricula for Human-Computer Interaction : 2. Definition and Overview of Human-Computer Interaction
User Interface Engineering -- Articles and Other Resources
Virtual Society Overview
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Acuity ETS, UK & Ireland Reseller for Tobii Technologies
Technology Review: Precision Pointing with Fat Fingers
From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society
The British HCI Group
Tools and Methods for Assessment in COmputer Access
Usability News for all the latest news in usability and huma
Alternative Keyboard Layouts
Centre for HCI Design
Disabled people and ICT: a project funded by the Alliance for Digital Inclusion
Working towards greater inclusion and equality for disabled people in the Information Society
Ease of Use-PC Quality Roundtable
HCI Education
Home - Design for all
Main Page - Shareideas
Microsoft Products & Resources Keyboard Assistance
Morae: Usability Testing Solution for Web Sites and Software
Morae Usability Testing Software - usability testing and remote usability testing without the hassle and expense of a traditional usability lab.
NESTA Futurelab - viewpoint article - Wave goodbye to the mouse

Other AT

Tiresias family of fonts
Information resource for people working in the field of visual disabilities
Propeller rehabilitation software for Aphasia and Dysphasia,language disorders, brain injuries
Propeller software for Aphasia or language disorders due to damage to one of the areas of the brain responsible for language. Aphasia may include difficulty with understanding spoken words, speaking aloud, reading, writing, or any combination of the above. Often as a result of a stroke.

Data Logging & Monitoring

Polhemus - eye tracking
Polhemus - movement monitoring
SpyCapture v1.4.4 - TSM-Soft


Shure WH20 Dynamic Headset Microphones


[ Welcome to ]

Data loggers

Gemini Data Logger Selector

Straw Beri the Straw Holder or Straw Clip Home
This is The Straw Beri Straw Holder or Straw Clip home page
BlueSky Designs: Products: Mount'n Mover
Blue Sky Designs applies ergonomics and universal design to develop products that address the needs of people with and without disabilities... at work, at play, and at home.
The Neater Eater - Michaelis Engineering Ltd - Neater Solutions Ltd.- rehabilitation equipment for greater independence, dignity and choice. Frame Page
Neater Solutions - eating and drinking systems for people with disabilities - Neater Eater, Neater Drinker. Other equipment for independence includes Neater Button switches, Computer MouseTRAP.
Spinal Cord Injury Peer Information Library on Technology -
Assistive listening device ALDS and inductive loop systems for hearing impaired, deaf or deafened.
Connevans equipment for deaf people
Hagger Electronics UK - Electronic Disability Products and Induction Loops
The Neater Eater - Michaelis Engineering Ltd - Neater Solutions Ltd.- rehabilitation equipment for greater independence, dignit
vle walkthrough4dec

Resources & Catalogues

Assistive Technology Catalogue - Signal - Bright Ideas - Resources - Home - Change Agent Team


REVEALWEB - the database of accessible resources : home page
At the Revealweb website you can search the national database of accessible resources and find things such as books in Braille and moon, audio books and digital talking books, tactile diagrams and more. You can also search the register of suppliers and find who produces, loans and sells accessible material. Find out about accessible formats and follow links to other sources of information and best practice.
Books for All

Power of Assistive Technology
State Assistive Technology (AT) Programs - National Assistive Technology Technical Assistance Partnership (NATTAP)
The National Assistive Technology Technical Assistance Partnership (NATTAP) provides technical assistance to the 56 state and territory assistive technology programs as authorized under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998
The Trusted Assessor Website - Downloads | Trusted Assessor Publications
Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system
Overview — TechDis
Swedish assistive technology impresses Isabel Schwarz Travel Fellowship winners Greg Brown and Hoa N
Despite recent social welfare cuts, few would be surprised to learn that Sweden is leading the way when it comes to assistive technology.
European Assistive Technology Information Network
EASTIN European Assistive Technology Information Network
Global Encyclopedia of Assistive Technologies - Global Assistive Technology Wiki
Assistive Technologies for people with a disability - Global Encyclopedia of Assistive Technologies
Welcome to Try-it
MedlinePlus: Assistive Devices
Assistive Devices
AbilityNet Online Courses
This website gathers for you our own and others training materials and adds a range of interaction and support to your learning Now Live !!! For three months the site is available on special offer to those that register early 1 Any single course is available for one user for one year for £25 2 Access to all courses for one user for one year - special price £100 For organisation and business pricing please email
AL Directory
Assisted Living : Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative
TECHMATRIX - Find Assistive Technology Tools for Learning
TECHMATRIX 2.0 - Resources for Student with Disabilities
National Center for Technology Innovation
Practical advice on daily living equipment - Living made easy
Welcome to FCTD!
Communication aids front page
meta-ot | Thinking about occupation
Main Page - ITCH
Axistive - Assistive Technology News Portal
Axistive offers you free news, articles, product reviews and all product and vendor information of assistive technology devices. Find objective information on how to use and find devices that make the use of, and access to the digital world easier
Recycling computer equipment for the benefit of the community
Better Living Through Technology Homepage
Better Living Through Technology - Promoting the use of technology in Special Educational Needs
ABLEDATA, Explore the World of Assistive Technology
AT - Swedish Site - useful AT summary
CAP Information
Closing the Gap - Search RD
Download FREE educational Resources
Empowering Technologies Website Home Page
L-Mail The easy way to send a letter


Artificial Language Laboratory Switches
PAiA Touch Switches
products_turk headswitch » Blog Archive » The Clapper 2050
One Switch - Switch Software Downloads.
One - Revolutionary ideas and equipment for people with profound disabilities.
Pocket Sound Level Meter
In Stock and Now only £5.49. Get the best deal on this Pocket Sound Level Meter from Maplin Electronics. FREE carriage over £35
Optimus mini three overview
Tapeswitch Pressure Sensitive Ribbon Switches
Tapeswitch pressure sensitive ribbon switches - the ideal solution to a multitude of signalling application problems
Finger Flexion Pressure Switch
Three outputs available! <br>Adjustable sensitivity allows the user to activate a circuit with the touch of a finger providing a timed (0 to 120 seconds), latched or momentary output.
Switch Access to Technology
A comprehensive guide for software developers that explains how switch users interact with computers, and what developers can do to include such users.
Invotek :: Voice Switch™

Telecare / TeleMedicine

TEIS - UK Telemedicine and E-health Information Service
Telemedicine and E-health Information Service
SunSpotWorld - Home of Project Sun SPOT
SunSpotWorld, the home of Project Sun SPOT. By simplifying the development of wireless transducer applications, the Sun SPOT System from Sun Labs will help transform the potential of wireless sensors into real-world products.
Telecare Services - Telecare LIN - Networks - Integrated Care Network
SENSORIUM - Caring with Technology - Call Systems, Assistive Technology, Bed & Epilepsy Monitors, Staff Attack Systems and more...
Active Call Systems and Passive Alert Systems, supporting the care process & Enabling Independent Living - see all our assistive technology products

Wheelchair stuff

Active Design Intranet Home Page
Custom Power Wheelchair Options
Dynamic Controls Wheelchair Controllers, Scooter Controller
Easy Rider with graphic LCD screen
HMC international
Otto Bock Healthcare
PG Drives Technology Controllers for Wheelchairs, Scooters and Industrial Electric Vehicles
PG Drives Technology
SCI PILOT - Stories - Ken If You Want It Done Right...
Surelock Midline Swingaway System For Wheelchair Control Sys
Welcome to James Leckey Design
Wheelchair head support products and wheelchair headrest pro
Varia: HMC International NV
WheelchairNet: Wheelchair University Homepage
A Wheelchair Virtual Community for consumers, families, clinicians, insurers, researchers, and suppliers
We have dedicated ourselves to establishing James Leckey Design as the leading company specialising in equipment for children with disabilities
Catalog | Adaptive Switch Laboratories, Inc.
Input Devices: HMC International NV
Adaptive Switch Laboratories, Inc. : Catalog - Categories
ASL designs and manufactures specialty controls and computer accessability products for people with disabilities who use Powered Mobility.

DFA-ICT Policy Considerations Guidelines for Standardisers
Models and Taxonomies Relating to Assistive Technology Resource - ATOMS Project
ATOMS Project Assistive Technology Outcomes Measurement System University of Wisconsin Milwaukee R2D2 Center


Computer Accessibility (Non Web & Non Software)

KDE Accessibility Project
MSDN - Accessibility
Welcome to the MSDN Library - accessibility
LarsWiki - Linux Accessibility Resource Site
Accessibility/PythonPoweredAccessibility - GNOME Live!
Becta collaboration: Possible different login techniques to...





BLUETOOTH Chipsets (Radio and Baseband hardware) - AnywhereY
Bluetooth Home -
Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology
Brain Boxes - Designer and Manufacturer of Compact Flash, US
Contact us -ericsson, bluetooth'
InfoTooth Bluetooth Resources
Philips Semiconductors - Technology Home Pages_ - Bluetooth
Sigma Comtec
Silicon Wave - Bluetooth
Stonestreet One - Bluetooth, Embedded Systems & Wireless Pro
T A C T E L -- Software you'll love!
Welcome to CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) - home of advanced


Robots, Robot Kits, and Robotics @ Evolution Robotics
Shadow Robot Company Home Page


Welcome to the Altera Web Site
Xilinx Programmable Logic Devices, FPGA & CPLD
Xilinx WebPOWERED Software Solutions



The LART Pages

Other Resources

Analog Products -- ADXL202
Cardman's New web-site
Circuit Cellar Home


Simple Constant Current Source

Digital Input-Output - Development Library - National Instru


Crystalfontz Liquid Crystal Displays USB Interface LCD Modul

Pin Outs & Descriptions

Interfacing The Serial - RS-232 Port
PC joystick interface
PSX Controllers
TV game joysticks


Capacitance Sensing Technology, Charge Transfer Sensors, Tou


Crawford Hansford & Kimber - electrical and electronic equip
Dynamic Details, Inc. CONTACT QUOTES Printed Circuit Board
Subcontract pcb assembly, salisbury, wiltshire, england, uk
Top-Tec-Pcb Printed Circuit Boards - PCB express service
Welcome to Protronica

PIC & MCU stuff

Adam's PIC micro-Resources
Agilent Technologies IntuiLink Connectivity Software
Hitachi Europe
HMSE Product sales and distributors
Microchip Technology Inc. Microchip WebSite
The PICList

Touch Sensitive

A Touch-Sensitive Circuit
ELECTRONIC DESIGN - January 26, 1998 - Capacitive Sensors Of

Using Macros with the PIC Microcontroller

PS2 stuff

Adam's PIC micro-Resources
AT Keyboard Interfacing
Chip directory
Dark Realms - Mouse Programming Tutorial (Polling method - V
Holtek Semiconductor Inc.
Interfacing the PC's Keyboard.
PC mouse info
PS-2 Mouse-Keyboard Routines
The PS-2 Mouse-Keyboard Protocol
Windows Driver and Hardware Development


RedRat - About
OpenRemote - Home


Laptops and Tablets etc

laptop touchscreen
Maxpower Universal Li-ion Laptop Battery packs
Satellite - MotionTouch Product Catalogue
VAIO United Kingdom Products VGN-T1XP-L
Welcome to 3M Touch Systems - touch screens, monitors, flat
Welcome to - Product Details
Nokia Direct Online Store for Europe
PowerBook G3 Pismo Disassembly: Installing Power Card - Removing Keyboard (page 1/17)
PowerBook G3 Pismo Disassembly. Repair your PowerBook yourself. iFixit sells PowerBook parts, and we'll show you how to install them. PowerBook hard drives, RAM, displays, and more with free Fixit Guides!
iBook and PowerBook Power Jack and Power Supply
iBook and PowerBook Power Jack and Power Supply - Power supply and power supply jack pinout
Trimble - Yuma Rugged Tablet Computer

TARGUS Bluetooth Mulitmedia Keypad Silver/ Black AKP03EU
touch screen monitors uk, touchscreen monitors uk, touch screen kiosk monitor, lcd color touchscreen, touchscreen displays, lcd touchscreen, touchscreen monitor, lcd touch screens
DisplayLite develops and distributes products at the forefront of flat panel display technology.
Home Touch Systems > Touch Screens > Add On Kits > 17 Inch Touch Screens
SunSPOTWorld - About Us, Who are we?
Arduino - HomePage
Bug Labs: BUGbase
Balloon homepage
PC Pro: News: Touchscreen glows in the light
Touchscreen display strikes balance between contrast ratio and brightness for superior visibility
Bug Labs


Configuring Samba Server on a Windows 2000 Domain
Linux Headquarters Samba Configuration - Linux-Windows Conne
Linux Magazine May 2001 FEATURES Understanding the Networ
Mandrake Linux Downloads
Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded Linux and Open Source Solutions How to Download
RedRat - Welcome
Webmin - Sys Admin


Ubuntu - xplat - Trac
Ubuntu5.10 - xplat - Trac
HOWTO: Asus Eee PC 701 + Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy - Ubuntu Forums
Share Music in a Network using Avahi (DAAP) « Ubuntu Blog

Poky Platform Builder
Linux Mint Forums • View topic - How to share files between Xp and LM(in VB) using Samba


How to Make Network Cables - Print

SSH etc

How to setup ssh to tunnel VNC traffic throught the Internet
Jason's Web Thingy Using VNC over an insecure network with SSH
Remote Desktop-VNC and SSH for the home user OpenSSH for Windows


Is Your Exchange Server Relay-Secure
Outlook Errors
XCON Delivery Status Notifications in Exchange 2000 Server (


DVT for computer users...
OS - Peru! Whitehall vows to end proprietary lock-in
W3C finalizes disability guidelines - Tech News -

Other Operating Systems

Child Friendly!

Debian GNU-Linux -- Debian Jr. Project

Cross-Platform Network Services
Macs and Windows 2000, a Preview


Chapuara (Pocket Mirror)
Tills Palm Pages - index
Quicktype - Introduction


AutoIt v2 Home Page - AutoIt2



FFT Software - Fast Fourier Transform ActiveX DLL Component, Visual Basic .Net, C++, C#
FFTW Home Page


Text-to-speech script

Intellectual Property IP and computers FAQs


Java Script

ITL Seminar JavaScript Intro

MinGW - Home


Emerging Technologies Open Source
IT Manager's Journal How to hire great open source developers
Open Source Initiative OSI - Welcome
The Free Software Definition - GNU Project - Free Software F
GForge CDE: Collaborative Development Environment
Info | OSU Open Source Lab
Do you hear what I hear?
Speech is becoming a new form of human interaction with computers. Adding speech recognition and speech synthesis to your Web applications could be crucial in this increasingly mobile world. Speech interaction allows hands-free computing, access to your computer even when away from your desk, and improves accessibility for disabled users. The Java Speech API is a freely available specification, and IBM Speech for Java is one such implementation. Speech for Java is based on IBM ViaVoice. This article describes Java Speech API and ViaVoice, and shows a real-time application that uses them effectively.

Other Languages

Forth Interest Group UK

Palm Stuff

Basic Database Management Under Palm OS Sorting and Searchin
DaggerWare's HackMaster
Mark-Space · Online 2.0.1
Palm OS Desktop Development
Palm OS Palm, Inc. Hardware Details
PalmOS Developer Documentation
PalmSource Palm OS Developer Program
pic basics Rs-232
Pico Interfacing an ADC to a Palm Pilot
Pocket Smalltalk
SuperWaba - The REAL Power of Mobile Computing
Tills Palm Pages - index
Using a Palm Pilot with a PIC BootLoader


About Pyrex
And now for something completely different Instant Python
Distributing Python Programs
Dive Into Python
FrontPage - wxPython Wiki Python MS Office
Python Language Website
Python Library Reference
Python Programming on Win32 Chapter 12 Advanced Python and C
Tutorial Microsoft Text-to-Speech engine in Python (pyTTS)
wxGlade a GUI builder for wxWidgets-wxPython
wxPyWiki wx Python Cookbook
wxWidgets Home Using SAX for Proper XML Output
In his latest Python and XML column, Uche Ogbuji explains how to use SAX to generate proper XML output from Python programs.

SharpDevelop - OSS IDE - VC+VB
Techy Magazine Archives


Object-Oriented Programming and Visual C++
Overview Spy++
Programming in C++ - Text Files, Strings, Random Numbers, and Member Fu (C-C++) Developer Fusion The UK developer communi
Q195073 - BUG Error C2065 'DDX_FieldDateTimeCtrl' Undeclared
The Code Project - List Control displaying image thumbnails
The Code Project - List Controls - Free Source code and Tuto

VC Studio Help

Open and Save As Dialog Boxes
Using Dialog Boxes

Visual C++ Developer Center Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003
Programming in C++ - Text Files, Strings, Random Numbers, and Member Fu (C/C++) :: Developer Fusion :: The UK developer community :: VB, .NET, ASP, PHP and XML tutorials & source code

The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) - Joel on Software

tortoisesvn Content

Main Page - Ajax Wiki - a Wikia wiki
Processing 1.0 (BETA)

Software (General)


Ebook Library at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
Microsoft Reader


Cannot find server
Cinnamon Interactive
Classic '80s Games Play Now!
Infinite Wheel - Home Of The Dub Selector
Accessibility Game Coding Contest -
Roll 'em.pdf (application/pdf Object)
BBC - Ouch! - Close Up - Ouch Guide to ... Switch Gaming
Ouch brings you a comprehensive guide to playing computer games for disabled people who use Switch and similar assistive technologies.
BBC | Access 2.0
Audyssey -- The Blind Gaming Web Site
BBC - CBeebies - Grownups - Special Needs: CBeebies content
CBeebies content for children with physical and motor difficulties
Bubblegum Petz Rescue Game
List of Games
Games Accessibility
BBC - CBeebies Grownups - CBeebies 'Switch' games
CBeebies has a range of games and stories which are 'Switch' accessible, for those children who cannot use a keyboard or a mouse.
Welcome to Kids Only - Switch Accessible Games
Priory Woods is a special school for children aged 4 to 19 years with severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties. A centre of excellence for the teaching of students with SLD and PMLD, Priory Woods delivers a broad and balanced curriculum.
Download FREE educational resources
Priory Woods is a special school for children aged 4 to 19 years with severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties. A centre of excellence for the teaching of students with SLD and PMLD, Priory Woods delivers a broad and balanced curriculum.
PEEP and the Big Wide World
PEEP and the Big Wide World: Innovative, interactive science games for preschoolers.


Mirek's Free Windows Software
Mirek's Free Windows Software :: Home
Blender is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation. - Home
Blender is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation. : Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free!
This service allows you convert a Flash Video / FLV file (YouTube's videos,etc) to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online.
Prism Video Conversion Software - Convert Video Files for Free
Prism Video Converter can convert your video or movie files to many different formats for free.


Software Licensing and Development Models

Lightweight OS etc

Splashtop Instant-On Desktop from DeviceVM
Sugar Labs/Welcome to Sugar Labs - SugarLabs

Mind Map

FreeMind - free mind mapping software

Mobile Phones

FAST SMS Personal Text Messaging Plan
TDK Systems
Microsoft SMS Sender
Create and send SMS (Short Message Service) messages from your PC to your friends' and family's GSM mobile.

Open Soure Portals

Freeware Home - Collection of Free Software and Internet Services
FSF-UNESCO Free Software Directory
No Software Patents!
Open Channel Foundation Welcome
Assembla home
Social Source Commons
OpenEducationDisc | About
A collection of high quality open source software for Windows


ATutor Learning Content Management System
Rockbox . Main . DocsIndex
Freeware Guide - Utilities - PDF

Remote Access

Bitvise Tunnelier -- Dynamic DNS -- Clients
RealVNC - VNC Viewer Free Edition for Windows


DupBlock - Funduc Software
floAt's Mobile Agent Online
Info-ZIP's WiZ
RealVNC - Download VNC Free Edition 4.1.1
Media Creation > RealProducer
Helix Producer, Helix Producer Plus, RealSystem Producer, RealSystem Producer Plus, RealProducer, RealProducer Plus, Producer, Producer Plus, Encoder

Video and Web Conf etc

Welcome to dimdim
Contacts Storage - Ekiga
The Flashmeeting Project
Flash Meeting
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

Ad-aware - Software - Lavasoft
Calendar Project - Home of Sunbird™ and Lightning
Cob- programs
Freeware Home - Collection of Free Software and Internet Ser
Hot Keyboard Pro Professional Macro, Macros, Keyboard macro Software
Hot Keyboard. Keyboard Macro Utility
Kelly Software - Software page
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released to manufacturing. Find out about PowerToys for Windows XP Professional here.
MOBILedit! Mobile Phone through PC
NASA World Wind
Skype - Free Internet telephony that just works
VoIP - the UK resource for IP Telephony - The PalmOS Open Source Portal - Top

Suppliers - the UK's number 1 online retailer of IT and techn
Sava Store
Welcome To Simply Computers


HTTP Error 403 Forbidden Explained


Excel drop down lists

Safety 1st Computing
Tech Enthusiast Tricks
BBC - Webwise - Computer Tutor



Customer Control Centre - Purple Squared .Version 2.0.

Virus stuff

How to clean Nimda from a partially or totally infected netw
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis

Blogger Migration for Delicious and FreshTags - Freshblog
FRESHBLOG: Blogger Hacks, including Categories for Blogger, and other Blog Tips, Tricks & Tools.
Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox - MDC

example sites - Home
Simple CSS Image Switcher


300 Images From 1800 Sites
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
How to display your web site logo on the address bar and in
HTML 4.01 Specification
JavaScript and Frames, Part I -
Merchant's Encyclopedia of HTML
Structure of an HTML 4.0 Document
The JavaScript Source Code Generators Preload Images & Rollo
The JavaScript Source Navigation Fading Rollover
The WDG Reference section
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab
HTML Slidy (1)
A List Apart: Articles: A Preview of HTML 5


Content Management

Mambo Open Source
MKDoc About
opensourceCMS - Content


FAQ When installing the phpwebsite I face the following error. Warning Safe Mode Cannot set environment variable 'TZ' - it's Help

phpWebSite W3C theme
phpWebSite - Themes Forge
Welcome to PloneDocs — PloneDocs


PloneBatch usage —
Plone Book - The Definitive Guide to Plone
The Definitive Guide to Plone — PloneDocs
plope - The Zope Book (2.7 Edition: development)
#4764 (2.1 break JAWS reader for blind) - Plone - Trac
Plone Ontology —
PloneOntology is an ontology based replacement for the existing keyword mechanism in Plone.
Nabble - Plone forum
Plone forum. Plone is powerful and flexible intranet and extranet server, as a document publishing system, a portal server and as a groupware tool for...
RichDocument: Creating content types the Plone 2.1 way —
This tutorial will teach you how to create content types the Plone 2.1 way, using the ATContentTypes library, by following the example of RichDocument, an extension of Plone's standard Page/Document type.
Debugging Unauthorized / Insufficient Privileges —
One of the most common errors you will get as a Plone developer is the "Insufficient Privileges" message. This message does not tell you exactly what went wrong for security reasons, but there are ways to expose this through installing a product called VerboseSecurity.
Creating a Custom Skin —
Connecting Zope to External Relational Databases
Zope And MySQL
The Definitive Guide to Plone —
PloneArticle - Ingeniweb - Plone
PloneDeepTrashcan - Ingeniweb - Plone
PlonePopoll - Ingeniweb - Plone - Appendix B: API Reference
FileSystemStorage —
FileSystem storage for Archetypes
Creating a custom navigation section —
When creating a custom skin, you may want something more concrete than the navigation tree, but a little more flexible than the portal tabs. This HowTo shows how to create a navigation section which is automatically generated from the contents of a folder.
Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities
Extending ATContentTypes —
The basics of creating a content type which extends ATContentTypes
Adding new fields to Smart Folders search —
If you are creating new content types you might want to add support for Plone's advanced search capabilities. This article describes how to achieve it.
Plone i18n: a brief tutorial —
AT Vocabulary Manager — Plone CMS: Open Source Content Management
A central pluggable vocabulary library for use with Archetypes based products, CMFMetadata and other Products. It supports flat, hierachical and VDEX based vocabularies.
Generating POT of Archetypes based products — Plone CMS: Open Source Content Management
This howto guides developer through the process of autogenerating template POT file, that is later used to translate Archetypes based product. Earlier, developer had to manually add label_msgids and description_msgids, but I have created a very simple external method that is able to extract these from any product.


How to install Drupal for newbies using FTP and phpMyAdmin |
Htmlarea |

WordPress › Free Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
Xaraya :: Content Management and Web Application Framework
Ruby on Rails
Movable Type: Publishing Platform for Business Blogs and Professionals
Juicy Studio: Choosing an Accessible CMS


Cimy User Extra Fields for WordPress 2.1 - strategie digitali: il blog di Cimatti Consulting
designight » Piflasa Wordpress Plugin
PhotoQ Wordpress Photoblog Plugin v1.1b - Now Including Batch Uploads
whoismanu? is a personal photoblog serving fresh homemade photographs on a regular basis.
Dachstein - Paragleiter im Abflug «
Yet another photoblog «
User:Scompt/Workflow With WordPress « WordPress Codex

Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines
Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
Gazest - Gazest


Subversion for CVS Users Open Source Directory Open Source Software, Reviews & News

Open Source Web Design - Home /\^/\
Color Palette Generator
Generate A Color Palette For Any Image Scuttle
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications
MarkaBoo :: better bookmarks for everyone
MarkaBoo is tool for saving websites, files, and notes from your browser, email or mobile phone.

Firefox stuff

Bookmarks Synchronizer | Gadgetopia
A collaborative computer and geek-tech blog.
Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Bookmarks Synchronizer 3 - All Releases
Firebug - Web Development Evolved


TWiki . Support . SoftwareErrorCompilationAborted
TWiki - A Web Based Collaboration Platform
wiki:compare [DokuWiki]

Amaya Home Page
Firefox/mozilla UI development tools —
Firefox and mozilla have a number of extensions that can greatly help your UI development work. A basic set is listed here.
Freeware PGP versions
Home of The Webalizer
Inno Setup Downloads
MaxMind GeoIP Where in the world are your Internet visitors
PuTTY Download Page
SpellBound - Spellchecker for Firefox and the Mozilla Suite
Trillian - the ultimate chat program
Using PSCP to transfer files securely
wxPyWiki How to Learn wx Python - Google Search
OpenConf Conference Management Peer-Review Software System & Service
Welcome to the Intel Mash Maker Technology Preview
Moofx - JS
Developer's Guide - Google Chart API - Google Code
A List Apart: Articles: Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
3spots:, digg clones and Open Source Social Bookmarking Engines
Free PHP Scripts -- PHP Guestbook, PHP directory, polls, Free graphics icons, and more webmaster goodies
LimeSurvey Documentation & Manual : Installation - The Leading Open Source Survey Tool - Features
LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is an Open Source PHP web application to develop, publish and collect responses to online & offline surveys.


Symantec Security Response

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XSLT on the Client
Free HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript DHTML XML DOM XSL XSLT RSS AJAX ASP ADO PHP SQL tutorials, references, examples for web building. HTML and XSLT
While HTML isn't an XML application itself, it can be both generated and transformed using XSLT. Bob DuCharme show us how.

BCS Disability Group
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary

Disability Stuff


Ability Magazine
BBC - Ouch! - Homepage
BBC NEWS In Depth Digital Destinations
Welcome to Disability World web-zine


Lexdis - Ideas for e-Learning
Students' experience of e-Learning. Ideas for e-Learning. From the University of Southampton


AbilityNet Home Page
Accessible Products
Addenbrooke's NHS Trust Disablement Services Centre
Bath Institute of Medical Engineering
CALL Centre
CENMAC Home Page
Chailey Heritage - Home Page
Computers And Multi Impairments Group
Derby ATEC - Working with people
FAST Search for Organisation by Organisation Type
Home page of the Foundation for AssiStive Technology
North Bristol - AAC
This site gives you the latest news and information about the Communication Aid Centre at Frenchay Hospital.  It offers easy access to the services we provide, shows you how to find us, and provides links to other supporting sites.
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
A-Z to Deafblindness
Contact Candle, Facilitated Communication Training, disability, autism
Contact Candle, Learning and Communication Support for students experiencing barriers to inclusion
Welcome to Find a Voice
Barnsley NHS Trust :: Medical Physics
Digital TV, recommended iDTVs, recommended digital TV recorders, recommended set top boxes, Indoor Aerials, Digital Switchover, Digital UK, Ricability
Digital TV Consumer test reports, free advice on digital TV products based on independent testing. This new UK Government-funded website is designed to help consumers choose the equipment needed to switch to digital television.
British Computer Association of the Blind Web Site - British Computer Association of the Blind
Help, Facts, Advice and Funding for people with speech dificulties resulting from MS
Accessibility - CETISwiki
AT Dementia home
AT Dementia provides user-friendly information on assistive technology for people with dementia including what is available, how it can be obtained and used.
PCs - Recycled / Special Charity Pricing
PCs and Systems dedicated for the UK voluntary sector.
Access SUMMIT - North West/UK
Access SUMMIT offers a range of support services, including assessments, training and personal support, to disabled students in The North West
SMART Services
South East Mobility and Rehabilitation Technology (SMART) provides specialist mobility and rehabilitation technology services in Lothian, Fife and the Borders.
AIME - Association of Institutions concerned with Medical Engineering
AIME - Association of UK based Institutions concerned with Medical Engineering - Building a motor neurone disease network for the UK
Welcome to Find a Voice
Home - Assistive Technology Wales
We provide simple, cheap but effective solutions to the problems of computer access encountered by disabled or impaired computer and general ICT users be they adult or child.
Access to Communication and Technology — ACT
ACT is an NHS service providing Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) throughout the West Midlands region.

Education - UK

BBC News EDUCATION Disabled pupils 'challenge barriers'
Becta - Inclusion and SEN Communication Aids Project (CAP)
Becta Educational Software Database -- Becta Educational Sof
CfBT CfBT Website Home
CSIE is the Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education home p
Disability Rights Task Force
ICTS NOF Training Programme
Inclusion Browse resources
ISSEN - Sience & SEN
NIACE Homepage
Skill National Bureau for Students With Disabilities
SMART Education
SOSIG Special Education teaching assistants
Special Educational Needs IT
Vranch House Independent Day School in Exeter for children w
Welcome to NASEN - The National Association for Special Educ
WS home page - layer verson
Inclusion - information and advice to support individual learning and special educational needs
Highlander Business Solutions UK

Other - Overseas

About the ATIA
ARATA - Aus Rehab
Assistive Technology
AT - Toronto
CAST Center for Applied Special Technology
CCA - Aus - AAC
DART - Sweden
David Beukelman - Nebraska
E-Bility - Aus Directory
Enable NZ
Montana Technology Access Center MTAC
RESNA Home Page
TalkƒLink - NZ
Technical Solutions Australia
Thames Valley Children's Centre - CA
Trace Research and Development Center
UCP Main Page
Weka - NZ dis info
Welcome to Closing The Gap
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Centers
Assistive Technology, Enabling Dreams | Edutopia

Other- UK

1 Voice - Communicating Together
adorn, equip Online Exhibition
Association of Wheelchair Children - accessible books
Contact a Family - for families with disabled children
drake music project
Freshwinds Home
I can do that !
Isle Inspirations long term goal and our values - research a
LMCA - The Long Term Medical Conditions Alliance
Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) - West Midlands Branch
Percy Hedley Foundation Welcome Page
Ricability - research and information for older people and people with disabilities
Talking Point - AAC help
The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilties
The Sequal Trust
U Can Do I.T.
Whizz-Kidz The Movement for Non-Mobile Children
Welcome to Talking Newspapers
Welcome to Dogs for the Disabled - registered assistance dogs assistance dogs service dogs helper dogs aide dogs support dog Assistance Dogs United Kingdom Assistance Dogs UK ADUK Assistance Dogs Europe Assistance Dogs
About Us: ICT Hub - Home
Able Here website is a newly formed socializing website for people with disabilities, friends, parents and carers across UK and worldwide. Able Here is 100% free membership to the users.
Quadriplegic & Paraplegic Spinal Cord Injuries Forum
A Paraplegic and Quadriplegic support website for people with spinal cord injuries with Quadriplegia and Paraplegia. The site contains a forum area for peer support into all aspects of this injury
who we are
The Partnership - Yorkshire and Humberside is one of 11 special educational needs regional partnerships sponsored by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES).

Universities - UK

Academic Medical Physics
Association on Higher Education And Disability
BIB Homepage
Nottingham - Interactive Systems
TAD - TechDis
Find ALL your Learning Disability services - Check The Map
Find any Learning Disability service anywhere in the UK and Ireland. From Advocacy to Basic Skills, Communication to Drama Groups, just click the map to discover all the wonderful organisations in your area.
ALS - NeuroTalk Communities
For support and care topics in ALS. Please post news and research in sub-forum.


Bike Care - Electric Bikes, Tricycles, Trailers, Unicycles and much more
Department of Health A Practical Guide for Disabled People or Carers
Dictionary For Parents of Children with Disabilities
Download a RVIB Publication
Free Educational Resources to Download
JRF Bookshop
RSA - Inclusive Design - Welcome to Inclusive Design
Classroom Saints
Using images of disability can help your communications and messages appeal to a wider audience, making good commercial and creative sense.
Including Samuel | A documentary by Dan Habib
Dan Habib’s documentary film “Including Samuel” examines the educational and social inclusion of youth with disabilities. The film is built on the efforts of Habib and his family to include Samuel, 7, in all facets of school and community. “Including Samuel” also features four other families with varied inclusion experiences, plus interviews with dozens of teachers, young people, parents and disability rights experts.
Enabled by Design
| YoungMS
BBC - CBBC - BBC Accessible Newsreader
Get the latest stories from Newsround using a simple, accessible interface with the CBBC Accessible Newsreader. Suitable for Switch.
Easy Health
learning disabilities, learning difficulties, health, health and learning disabilities, health and learning difficulties, pain, good health, down syndrome, autism, fragile x, diet, healthy eating, brain damage, easyhealth, exercise and health, food, heart disease, teeth, dentist, chemist, opticians, doctor, nurse, disability, learning disability, learning difficulty, hospital, health plan, accessibility, disease, sick, sickness, illness, vomit, depressed, blood pressure, abuse, ageing, getting old, activity

Stephen Hawking
TV Presenter Mik Scarlet`s Homepage
Welcome to
1 /dynamic/photosymbols79.jsp /dynamic/photosymbols97.jsp /dynamic/photosymbols19.jsp



Audit Commission

Audit Commission - Assistive Technology
The Audit Commission is an independent body responsible for ensuring that public money is used economically, efficiently and effectively.
Comissioning Assistive Technology Services


Engineering the Future - The Institution of Electrical Engineers




zetoc - British Library Electronic Table of Contents at MIMAS

The Federation of Clinical Scientists Home Page


White Paper pilots: whole system long term conditions (LTC) demonstrator programme : The Department of Health - P&G: Health topics: Long term
(Gateway: 6762) The ‘Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services’ White Paper set out a new direction for the whole health and social care system. There will be a radical and sustained shift in the way in which services are delivered, ensuring that they are more personalised and that they fit into people’s busy lives.
Single Assessment Process - Glossary web sites -Assistive Technology (AT)
Commissioning eBook - Our Workstreams - Home - Change Agent Team
CSED - Care Services Efficiency Delivery
National Framework Agreement
Information pack and supplement has been updated with details of the increased products and savings opportunities.


Specialised Services National Definition Set: 7 Complex specialised rehabilitation for brain injury and complex disability (adult) : The Department of Health - P&G: Health topics: Specialised services definition
A 'complex (specialised) rehabilitation service' may be broadly defined as: "A service for patients with severe complex disabilities whose rehabilitation needs are beyond the scope of their local district rehabilitation services and is best commissioned collaboratively "
Supporting self care – a practical option: Diagnostic, monitoring and assistive tools, devices, technologies and equipment to support self care : The Department of Health - Pubs and stats: Publications
The report and summary report of a review of research on self care tools, devices and technologies.

Long Term Conditions

The NHS and Social Care long term conditions model : The Department of Health - P&G: Health topics: Long term
The NHS and Social Care Long Term Conditions Model builds on the wealth of local and international experiences and innovations to improve the health and quality of life of those with long term conditions.
Raising the Profile of Long Term Conditions Care: A Compendium of Information : Department of Health - Publications
This document updates the first compendium of information on LTCs, published in May 2004. It will further inform all those who are involved in both commissioning and providing care and support services for people with LTCs. It focuses on the outcomes that people with LTCs said they want from services and describes how more effective management of LTCs in a number of areas is delivering high-quality, personalised care.

Specialised Services definitions


tehipstudy.PDF (application/pdf Object)

Evidence Based

ARIF - Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility
CEBMH Critical appraisal forms
Critical Appraisal - Appraising Research
Welcome to NICE - NICE
CAOT - Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists -Evidence-based OT
EATabstract.pdf (application/pdf Object)
NHS purchasing and supply agency - Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing
NHS purchasing and supply agency - Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing
Commissioning specialised services : The Department of Health - P&G: Org policy: Commissioning specialised services
Guidance about commissioning arrangements for specialised medical services. Commissioning for these low patient number, high tech services works differently than for other NHS services.
PATSy - Patient Assessment Training System
Clinical Knowledge Summaries

Forums etc

Closing The Gap Forums
ISAAC -- Online Forum
AHP Network
AHP Network


Health Professions Council - Professions - Clinical Scientists
Voluntary Register of Clinical Technologists
Voluntary Register of Clinical Technologists, VRCT, Register of Healthcare professionals


The Assistive Technology Forum : Assistive Technology
WHO | Assistive devices/technologies
WHO_WKC_Tech.Ser._04.2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
v2ap4.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Children and young people review: index
Children and young people review: index

IPEM Policy

CS role - New Tech
IPEM Policy Statements
IPEM Report - Tech and Independent Living


e-KSF The official NHS Knowledge & Skills Framework & Development Review Process online toolkit
Welcome to e-KSF now!
NHS KSF - THE NHS KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS FRAMEWORK (KSF) | Mental Health National Occupational Standards
FAST - AT Workforce Development
AT Workforce Development -
Home | Skills for Health
Completed Frameworks - Skills for Health

Medical Devices section of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency - Key Topics
Medical Devices section of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency - Regulatory Publications
DB 2006(05) Managing Medical Devices
MHRA CE Mark Advice


NHS Information Authority - Creating an NHS Website FAQ
NHSnet - NHS Information Authority
Medipex Limited
NHS - National Innovation Centre
NHS Modernisation Agency - Home
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement
Healthy Ambitions - NHS Yorkshire and the Humber
Healthy Ambitions - NHS Yorkshire and the Humber

Other Reports etc

Advance Housing & Support
Specialist Equipment Services for Disabled People
CSCI - Social care review to focus on services responsive to people's needs
ODI - Independent living - Independent Living Strategy
Survey Reveals Poor Awareness of Communications Disabilities - News Archive - News - What's New - Home - Change Agent Team
BS EN ISO 13485:2003
Housing and disabled children
An overview of the housing circumstances of disabled children and their families.
Tomorrow’s Wireless World: Ofcom report on future communications technology | Ofcom
News release published 07|05|08
SCIE Research briefing 28: Assistive technology and older people
SCIE Research briefings
taking_photos_v3.0_final.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Housing for disabled children and their families: an information resource | Joseph Rowntree Foundation


NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency Homepage
NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency
EAT root page
National framework
NHS Supply Chain Online


Software for Medical Devices - The IET


LB Borough Sutton - Local Education Authority Website.
London Borough of Merton Home Page
National Star Centre
Richard Cloudesley School - Home page
Schools and Colleges in Croydon
St Loye's College. Specialists in helping those with disabil
Treloar's - Education, Therapy, Care and Opportunities for D
Becta Government and Partners - Policy views - Introduction - Becta's view: Assistive technology

Self Care

Self Care - Spina Bifida Association
Self Care
Self Care in Assistive Technology

ACU - Transdisciplinary Care
better_outcomes_report - saving costs of residential care
British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
National electronic Library for Health
NHS & Dialog
NHSU transforming learning
Specialist Equipment Services for Disabled People
Standards Report Final Version.pdf (application/pdf Object)
The Federation of Clinical Scientists Home Page
WHO | Technical aids for persons with disabilities - Classification and terminology (ISO9999)


sen-handbook-06.pdf (application/pdf Object)
CSIP North East, Yorkshire & Humber Development CentreMental Health: Commissioning and Mental Health Services
A new page


UN Enable - Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
The United Nations Programme on Disabilities works to assist in the promotion of effective measures for prevention of disability, rehabilitation, and the realization of the goals of full participation of disabled persons in social life and development, and of equality.
UN Enable - Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
The United Nations Programme on Disabilities works to assist in the promotion of effective measures for prevention of disability, rehabilitation, and the realization of the goals of full participation of disabled persons in social life and development, and of equality.


Becta Government & partners - Research - Introduction - Emerging technologies for learning


Care Services Efficiency Delivery
default description

Yorkshire and the Humber SCG
OfCom report - Assistive Technology in Communication



BHTA - News
Communication and Assistive Device Laboratory (CADL) - Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Enkidu Research Research Efforts
ISAAC / Publications / The Bulletin
A searchable website containing full details of all the UK's communication aids
AAC References
Untitled Document
Chapter 2:Communication - Learning Disabilities
AAC Institute - External Evidence to support Practice
How was School Today...? :: School of Computing at Dundee University

Admin etc

Live view - AXIS 207W Network Camera
National Research Ethics Service homepage
Route Maps
Research Passports
Preparing Research Proposals
Preparing research proposals
NRES | Applications | Yorkshire & the Humber SHA REC meeting dates
ESP: The Experience Sampling Program
Free, open-source Palm software for experience-sampling research


Tiresias - Cost 219ter
Cost 219ter - Accessibility for all to services and terminals for next generation networks
-- A A A T E - 2 0 0 5 --
ATandI present TRANSFORM 2004
hoit2005 conference website
ICAT 2002 - Exhibition
ISAAC 2004 Home Page
Rehabilitation Engineering Research
The 3rd UK-UbiNet Workshop at the University of Bath 9-11 February 2005
TRANSFORM 2004 - Conference Programme
Untitled Document
WICEAT - Wales International Conference on Electronic Assist
ICCHP 2006
MyReview: open-source web-based paper submission and review / localhost | phpMyAdmin 2.8.2
Trustees' Lounge


Register Services Residential Homes for People with Learning
UVA Computer Science: The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
Small world phenomenon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


B3 esp@cenet - Facsimile image display EP1256875
Google Search: optimal character arrangements for ambiguous keyboards
Word prediction & word completion with eZiText (easy text)
Main Page - Eatoni
T9 Solutions
iTAP Technical Paper for ESC.pdf (application/pdf Object)
DynaVox Technologies > Products > Impact Products
DynaVox Technologies
LanguageModeling.pdf (application/pdf Object)
T9 Text Input
Information about UKO-II eye communication system
CM - Bulletin Board
Reduced keyboard disambiguating system - Google Patents
T9 (predictive text) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quickie: Predictive text entry engine
Method and means for telecommunications by deaf... - Google Patents
Reduced keyboard disambiguating computer - Google Patents
Reduced keyboard disambiguating computer - Google Patents
Tapir: a simple disambiguating text-entry system

EBP / Assistech


Bandolier - Evidence based thinking about health care
AuthorMapper - Scientific Research and Author Locations Globally
A free tool visualizing scientific research areas and trends through timeline graphs and bar charts, allowing users to locate other experts in a field of study and browse article results.

Portal:Medicine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Clare's Access Technology Wiki: Access Technology HomePage
Interview: Can we escape the mess we've made? - opinion - 25 November 2006 - New Scientist
We are swamped every day with news of impending doom and disaster. Thomas Homer-Dixon may help us understand why, and how we can change it
BBC | Access 2.0
JabRef HTML Export Filters
academic_social_referencing.pdf (application/pdf Object) is a free on-line journal club where you can discuss, question comment, rate and search the medical literature.
Quick! Web searching tips for the Busy Therapist | meta-ot
BioMed Central | Independent Journals

Education/Learning etc

CAST: Center for Applied Special Technology
lexdis | ECS | University of Southampton

Funding & Calls

Cognitive Systems - Insight - EPSERC
Cognitive Systems Foresight Project - Open Call
Health Technology Portal
Health Technology Portal
Health Technology Portal
CORDIS : ICT : Programme : Challenge 7 - Independent living and inclusion
CORDIS: FP7 : People : Call for Proposals
FP7 provides a gateway to the latest developments on the preparation of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). It provides latest news, events, interviews and essential documents as well as the key milestones.
ANNEX 2: Physical and Complex Disabilities Client Group RandD Priorities: Priority B1: Assessing disabled people's needs for equipment : Department of Health - Policy and guidance
Priority B1: Assessing disabled people's needs for equipment
Home - The Lab - Innovating public services - NESTA
Our society is facing complex challenges, but our public services are simply not set up to cope with them. Fresh, radical thinking is needed - which is why NESTA has created The Lab.
NIHR - National Institute for Health Research
NIHR - National Institute for Health Research
MND Association - More About Research Project Grants
More About Research Project Grants from the MND Association
FORWARD TOGETHER - Health Accelerator
The NESTA-Young Foundation Health Innovation Accelerator is a new model for speeding up the creation and development of social enterprises in the health sector.
Welcome to the NCCRCD — NCCRCD
White Rose
Medical Research Council - Clinician Scientist Fellowship
Trent RDSU - Yorkshire and Humber Research and Innovation Alliance for Health (RIAH)
About the LTNC project
Project under consideration for INSPIRE funding

General EAT

DARE abstract19990997
The Society for Research in Rehabilitation
Tiresias - Scientific & Technological Reports
Information resource for people working in the field of visual disabilities
The Enabled project is determined to address the information inaccessibility problem with two approaches: developing technologies that create universal accessible contents on the Web and developing (ubiquitous) tools that enable easy access to information, and interfaces that are adaptable and interoperable no matter where the user is and what equipment the user is using.
An Evaluation of Current Patterns of Provision of Environmental Control Equipment : Department of Health - Policy and guidance
Completed: December 1995 Total cost: £7,000
Komodo OpenLab | News


Scott MacKenzie's home page
:: about the human media lab ::
Clinical Applications of Speech Technology
Dr Linden Ball's Homepage
MultiTouch - Home
Lost Garden: Software Development's Evolution towards Product Design
BT pilots 'motion-sensing' laptop
Microsoft Launches New Product Category: Surface Computing Comes to Life in Restaurants, Hotels, Retail Locations and Casino Resorts: First commercially available surface computer from Microsoft breaks down barriers and provides effortless interaction with information using touch, natural gestures and physical objects.
First commercially available surface computer from Microsoft breaks down barriers and provides effortless interaction with information using touch, natural gestures and physical objects.

Video based

KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Printing Education Games Development Administration Scientific Security Utilities Screensaver News Forum GUI Polls Links Downloads QT Look X11 Linux
Eye Gaze Interaction
Technology Review: Better Face Recognition Software
From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society
GUIDe: Gaze-enhanced User Interface Design
Shoulder-worn camera acts as a third eye - tech - 26 March 2007 - New Scientist Tech
The system automatically tracks head movements and recognises hand gestures – it could eventually be used to record crime scenes
Human and Computer Vision Lab
Stanford CSTR 2007-05 - Reducing Shoulder-surfing by Using Gaze-based Password Entry.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Torch3vision: The vision package of Torch3
Nick Pears' Research
PyCV - A Computer Vision Package for Python (Incorporating Fast Training ...)

Demystifying Usability : Eye-Tracking studies- Usability holy grail?
Uncovering and Exploring Usability Issues.............................


Hotspots and Hyperlinks: Using Eye-tracking to Supplement Usability Testing
7 User Experience Lessons from the iPhone (Introducing UX) » SlideShare
internal presentation, given in mid January 2007, to introduce our newly formed user experience group to the development team...
EDeAN - Design for All - Data sources - USERfit: A user-centred design handbook
A methodology and tools for providing detailed information and guidance on how to improve the design of assistive technology products. It has a user centred philosophy that is equally applicable to inclusive design philosophy and practice. The tools and methods are...
Behavioural Research Solutions from Tracksys - Home
Behavioural research solutions for Universities and commercial organisations in the UK and Ireland. Our customers include psychologists, zoologists, entomologists, ergonomics and usability specialists, market researchers and sports scientists among others.
A List Apart: Articles: Get Out from Behind the Curtain
Inclusive Design Toolkit: Toolkit home
Usability Testing
Heuristics for User Interface Design
Checklist of the ten basic design qualities that have been shown to make user interfaces easier to use.
Usability in the Development Process
Morae: Usability Testing Solution for Web Sites and Software
Morae Usability Testing Software - usability testing and remote usability testing without the hassle and expense of a traditional usability lab.
Eyetools Eyetracking Research: But what does it all mean? Understanding eye-tracking results (Part 4)
Design and content optimization through eye tracking <br>— Interesting viewing data and rules-of-thumb from measuring what people read, look at, skip, and ignore on webpages
Introduction to Eyetracking: Seeing Through Your Users’ Eyes :: UXmatters
Cheap and fast usability testing | Life, the Universe, and Everything
Last January I had an interesting discussion with Meryl Evans and Bill Moore on usability testing (direct link to part 1 and part 2). The gist of it is doing
Canoo WebTest
Canoo WebTest is a free Open Source tool for automated testing of web applications in a very effective way. Look at for a features' overview.
Information design using card sorting » Step Two Designs
Card sorting is a very simple method of working with users to come up with a usable information design. A valuable tool for all information architects.

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » The Graphical Keyboard User Interface
Humanized > Our Products > Enso Launcher
Humanized makes using your computer easy.
Webcredible - web usability & accessibility consultancy
Usability and accessibility consulting, training and CSS web development from Webcredible. Site provides a large resources area with over 100 free articles and white papers.
Fingernail camera makes any object a touchpad - tech - 28 March 2008 - New Scientist Tech
Using a simple webcam to observe blood flow in a person's fingers reveals a wealth of information about how they are touching 3D objects
High-tech armband puts your fingers in control - tech - 24 April 2008 - New Scientist Tech
A muscle-sensing cuff could soon let users control gadgets by merely lifting a finger and might one day allow keyboard-free typing
MTmini - How To « AudioTouch and more
Inclusive Design Toolkit:
MIT OpenCourseWare | Media Arts and Sciences | MAS.961 Ambient Intelligence, Spring 2005 | Lecture Notes
The Lecture Notes section contains the lectures covered during the course.
User Interface Software and Technology
Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology | Video on
TED Talks At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data -- including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all.
Don Norman's / Technology First, Needs Last


Project:Possibility - A Software Collaboration for the Disabled
An unprecedented opportunity for the software development community to make a profound difference the lives of the disabled.
The Open Source Licensing Page


TWiki . TWiki . MonitoringSiteActivity

Various Licenses and Comments about Them - GNU Project - Fre
Welcome to Vranch House
Wiki Pages About Refactoring
X10 Home Automation Modules
BCS backs open source project to boost software for disabled users - Analysis, research, reviews, opinions and news provided by the journalists of ComputerWeekly
Steve Lee :: Weblog :: OATSoft, a new service and a landmark for Accessibility
henrik’s blog » Blog Archive » OATSoft project launch
Main Page - Open Source Education Lab
Open source: ICT Hub
Open source factsheets
IBM Accessibility Center | Resources | Firefox: An open source accessibility success story
Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those with disabilities.
Open Source Alternative - Find Open Source Alternatives to commercial software helps recommend a open source software alternative or replacement for commercial products and even shareware. Remember that open source software is also a freeware alternative.
FLOSSpols: home
Becta :: Open Source Software in Schools
IT4C - Welcome
iT4Communities introduces skilled, IT professional volunteers to VCS organisations looking for help with IT projects.
IT Business
Corporate Responsibility - Business Practices
Actualités de l'alphabétisation au Québec, au Canada et à l'international - Espace Alpha
Portail francophone de l'alphabétisation au Québec (Espace Alpha)
Bruce Perens - State of Open Source Message: A New Decade For Open Source
It's the 10-year anniversary of Open Source. Co-founder Bruce Perens delivers a State of Open Source message.
openCollabNet: Support, Training and Community Resources for Subversion and CollabNet Users.
Open Health Tools
Open Health Tools is an open source community with the vision of creating a ubiquitous ecosystem where members of the Health and IT professions can collaborate to build interoperable health care systems
About Port 25 - Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft
Learn more about the insights and analysis coming out of the Open Source Community at Microsoft.
JISC RSC Scotland N&E: AccessApps
Closing the Gap - Computer Technology in Special Education a
CM - Communication Matters Home
CNTDesigner Keybaord Designer By Polital Enterprises
Communication Aids


Dictionaries and English Vocabulary Resources
Electronic Dictionaries
The DICT Development Group
The Xtag Project

Download Gewa AB
Emacspeak --The Complete Audio Desktop
Fasty's welcome page
Granada Learning SIS SEMERC Information Service
How to Start an Open Source Project
Iconspeak Technology for people with impaired speech
Microsoft Accessibility HOME
Minspeak SCS
MSDN Code Center
Natural Language Interfaces Group
OpenAdvantage - The West Midlands Open Source Solutions Centre
Peter Cheung's Home Page
Semantic Compaction Systems WWW Server

Software trawl

Assistive Technology Resources Index Page
CMUSphinx The Carnegie Mellon Sphinx Project
CodeGuru Mouse Gestures Recognition
eLocutor v1 - Radiophony
SteadyMouse - Hand Tremor Mouse Accessibility Software
The SteadyMouse Project - Mouse Accessibility Software for People with Essential Tremor
InformationWeek Linux Open-Source Software To Become More Accessible To The Disabled January 22, 2004
Moving Targets Perl Helps The Disabled
pVoice Software - enabling the disabled Home Project Info - UNC Assistive Technology
The GNOME Accessibility Project
VICTAR Library
Eduforge: Welcome
MouseCage :: Computer Mouse Software for Essential Tremor, Parkinson's Disease & Hand Tremor - Welcome
a-technic: Download newsreader
PPJoy - Parallel Port Joystick driver for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP
BBC Education Betsie Site
a-technic: Projects
a-technic home page
Assistive Software
Tiresias - Links
Information resource for people working in the field of visual disabilities

SpeechLinks Speech Synthesis
Steves CV
The ACE Centre Advisory Trust focusing technology for commun
The BRaiLleSPEAK Project Home Page


Main Page - Fab @ Home
Quick Notes: Activity Analysis | meta-ot


Assistive Technology Journal


Maximal Theta Response Latency
Toward a P300-based Computer Interface

Technology and Disability
UTOPIA Workshop - Downloads
ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing
Pavilion Publishing:- Education for social care. Specialists in mental health, learning disability and older people. Formats include conferences, journals and training materials
training materials in mental health, children and young people, adult protection, nvqs, older people and learning disabilities for social workers, carers and primary care groups
May 2008 issue of JUS: Online International Journal of Usability Studies
This peer-reviewed publication is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the practice, research, and methods of usability engineering. Its aim is to provide usability practitioners and researchers with a forum to share usability research case studies, empirical findings, opinions and experiences in the practice and teaching of usability engineering, and good practices in usability engineering.
IEEE Xplore Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, IEEE Transactions on [see also IEEE Trans. on Rehabilitation Engine


Adaptive Technology Outcomes - Outcome Measurement Tools
ATOMS Project - Assistive Technology Outcomes - UW-Milwaukee
ATOMS Project Assistive Technology Outcomes Measurement System University of Wisconsin Milwaukee R2D2 Center
Sajay_Arthanat.pdf (application/pdf Object)
RCP publications | Stroke Audit


Devices for Dignity
Jill Clark on a device that can restore the power of speech | Technology | The Guardian
Jill Clark on a device that can enable many to speak

Switch access

2004 Conference Proceedings
ANGELO Use of a single switch with assistive devices
Predictive scanning input system for ... - Google Patents

Universities + R&D

Advanced Interaction Group


Engineering Design Centre Computer Assistance for Motion-Imp
Engineering Design Centre Dr Patrick Langdon
NATRI AT Resources Reports & Products


Internship Centre - About
Reporter - Imperial College Volunteer Centre

Alistair Edwards' Departmental Home Page
Norman Alm Information
University of Sheffield - Steve Whittaker
Steve Whittaker's Home Page


University of Sheffield - Steve Whittaker
Steve Whittaker's Home Page
Vision Group: Homepage
Welcome | New Dynamics of Ageing
The Smart Consortium

::: The SMARTlab Digital Media Institute :::
Computing Department at Lancaster University
The Computing Department at Lancaster University
MA in e-Inclusion :Free-standing MA programmes :King's College London
This innovative, flexibly-delivered course is designed to meet the needs of a range of applicants interested in e-Inclusion – focussing on the use of digital technologies to support learning.
Faculty Profile - Maysam Ghovanloo

Bibus bibliographic database - Bibus
CiteULike: A free online service to organise your academic papers
Connotea: code
Connotea: free online reference management for clinicians and scientists
Home Philips Research
JabRef: Java GUI for managing BibTeX and other bibliographies
MyAthens - You have access to these resources
NYU Media Research Lab
Recal Information Services
Prosthetics, orthetics and physical medicine and rehabilitationavailable from Recal Information Services, national Center for Training and Education in Prosthetics and Orthotics
Register a project
Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog » Tutorial: How to use CiteULike with AnthroSource
ScienceDirect - Home


OLDES - Old people's e-services at home


The School of Human & Health Sciences -- Template Analysis


Innovations in dementia - innovative project - including NESTA funded computer project for people with dementia

Useful Resources

Dictionaries & Ref

Calculator for Electronic Formulas
Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
French-English Dictionary



Introduction to Anatomy
Musculoskeletal Atlas

Base Library - Supporting e-learning and Evidence Based Culture amongst Healthcare Professionals
General Practice Notebook
Health On the Net Foundation
On-line Medical Dictionary
Welcome To NHSDirect Online

The Electronics Calculator Website
The World Clock - Time Zones
THE OFFICIAL SMILEY DICTIONARY Discover thousands of Smiley face graphics, clip arts, icons to use with your computer

funding etc

business community connections is a charity dedicated to hel
business community connections is a non-profit organisation
Business Link - View
Can On-line Social Entrepreneurs
Charities and VAT FAQs
CharitiesDirect Information on UK charities, Fundraising - T
Directory of Social Change - Home
Disabled Children - Numbers and Categories
Enterprising Communities Wealth beyond Welfare - the Report
Funders Online - Search Europe's Online Philanthropic Commun
Future and Innovation Unit - Home
henry smith's
Home Office
London Business Innovation Centre
Markle Foundation - About Markle Foundation
Millennium Volunteers
NEF - News Archive
NESTA - The National Endowment for Science, Technology & the
New Page 1
New Profit Inc.
Social Firms UK - Home Page
Sponsorship Opportunities - Venture Capital Marketplace-
Sustainable Funding Project
The Charity Commission for England and Wales
The David Tolkien Trust
The London Innovation Website
The Scarman Trust
the school for social entrepreneurs
The Sequal Trust
UK Fundraising information for charity and non-profit fundra
Welcome to Charity Choice - The Encyclopaedia of Charities o
Welcome to LVSC
What are you interested in
Yahoo! Groups sse-vphil

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Communication Aids
DfES, Student Support
Ferl SEN Act (2001)
Help is at Hand Home
ICTS NOF Training Home Page
Inclusion, a catalogue of on-line resources to support indiv
Independent Panel for Special Education Advice (IPSEA)
ISSEN - Inclusive Science and Special Educational Needs
Medical Devices Agency - Home Page
Medical Devices Agency - Key Topics
Transition Pathway
The Transition Pathway Project is designed to guide anybody who is involved in supporting a young person in transition to adult life. The pack gives information and guidance about transition and provides tools, using person-centred approaches, to help young people think about, plan and lead the lives they want

Medical etc

Anatomy Home page
Brain Facts and Figures


Guillain-Barré Syndrome Foundation International - GBS An Overview

Reflexes and reflexes (figures 17-28).pdf
INPP Primitive & Postural Reflexes - the Theory
Primary Movement

Theoretical&Maths etc

FFT - Jens J. Nielsens - Home Page


AA Roadwatch Home
CityPlanner - West Midlands
Multimap Tube Map
National Rail Enquiries Online train times and fare info for
RAC - routing
RAC Route Planner
TfL Journey Planner
The AA Route planner
The AA Travel and Leisure | Currencies | Currency Converter


BBC - Weather Centre - Home Page - UK and Worldwide weather
Weather Forecasts for UK, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern - Index

Adviceguide from Citizens Advice
Bumblebee Auctions
FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds
Free SMS Text Messaging World Wide from CardBoardFish's CBFS
Google Earth Community: United Kingdom Province Areas
Google Maps - b48 7pb
Instruction Manuals UK user guides operating instructions owners handbooks
Instruction manuals,user guides, operating instructions owners handbooks available and wanted for every category of product. Computers, printers microwave oven washing machine software book rare collectable hifi answerphone fax machine camcorder cooker fridge modem photocopier radio television video walkman scanner speaker camera great britain uk etc. United kingdom site.owners handbooks books user manuals user guides operators instruction booklets instruction manuals
Library Catalogue
Royal Mail
SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers
Security Scan - Sygate Online Services (sos)
Sunrise Helpdesk Forms
Traffic England
Traffic Control Centre, Traffic England
TPC.INT Send a FAX by E-mail
UKPhonebook - UK telephone numbers
Welcome to ccLearn — ccLearn
Welcome to NHS Direct Online
Issuu - You Publish
Improve usability with assistive technology | 9 Jan 2008 |
IT products designed for disabled people use cutting edge technology and make a real difference to the end-user. John Lamb takes a look at the assistive technol
film music |
The IET Knowledge Network - The IET
Really Useful Products Ltd - Welcome - Buy Online Now!
Really Useful Boxes from Really Useful Products Ltd. Innovative storage products - strong, versatile plastic storage boxes, archive boxes & accessories including folding trolleys and racking.
Sunrise/Sunset Calculator | goFLYING
goFLYING - Tools and information for general aviation pilots. Plan a flight and view GPS track logs with Google Maps and Google Earth.